Psy 220 Week 6 Assignment

Psy 220 Week 6 Assignment - Changing Perspective Paper...

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Changing Perspective Paper Amber Thacker PSY/220 June 8, 2011 Barbara Newman
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For this assignment I decided to use a situation that I encountered with a friend of mine. Ever since this event I have been upset and even looked down on the people that make these assumptions, but this class has helped me to look at both sides of the situation. And I also have to remember that we have all been there and drawn assumptions about people. I have a close friend that has been going a very tough time recently and in her situation that is understandable. I decided that it would be best if I got her out of the house and it would be good for her to get back to her roots and in church again. She is single, 20 years old, and recently had a baby. I knew that it would be hard for her to go to church and face the judgment that she may receive there but I also knew that she would have to faced it and explain her situation sooner or later. As we walked into church we did receive some stares but for the most part people were very polite and wanted to see this brand new baby boy that had only been in this world for about a month. Some members of the church recognized my friend from when she had gone to church there years ago. Most of them did not even know that she was pregnant because she had fallen of the face of the earth once she had gotten pregnant. Some people were very excited to see her and even wanted to hold the baby but all the time there were several older ladies and some men that were staring, whispering, and even rolling their eyes. It was clear that my friend did not have on a wedding ring and it also did not help that the child was bi-racial. Most of the people in this church looked down upon inter-racial relationships.
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Psy 220 Week 6 Assignment - Changing Perspective Paper...

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