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PSY/220 Week 7 Checkpoint Humility Action Plan The quality of humility strengthens us in our daily lives and we can be happier people when we carry ourselves with humility. Humility can be a difficult quality for some people to obtain but here are 12 steps that I plan to use to become a more humble person. Admitting that I am bias is the first step I will use. I need to evaluate myself in a neutral manner so that I can notice and overcome pride. Overcoming bias is just a matter of admitting my pride. This will give me a better access to my weaknesses and a clearer perspective on my strengths. Next I will seek accurate feedback to help me assess my strengths and weaknesses. It can be difficult to receive accurate feedback but it is necessary to fully understand yourself and your reactions. Other people may be able to help me find constructive ways to develop the positive aspects of my personality and skills and to reduce the effects of the negative aspects.
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