PSY 230 Week 1 Checkpoint

PSY 230 Week 1 Checkpoint - Scientific Process and Behavior...

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Unformatted text preview: Scientific Process and Behavior Amber Thacker PSY/230 July 8, 2011 Sharemah Barlow I have never noticed that I use the scientific process in understanding my own personality. But after taking a look at the material in the chapter I did notice where I have used the scientific process when evaluating my personality. The three steps to the scientific process are unsystematic observation, building theories, and evaluation propositions. I can see where I have used the first because I am constantly observing my own behaviors and how I react to certain situation. I take note when my personality changes when different situation or issue arise. I know that knowing how I react to situation will help me in understanding myself and how I am evolving. I have taken note that when I am uncomfortable I become very withdrawn and quiet, whereas normally I am friendly, sociable, and talkative. In the next step I built a theory as to why I react the way that I do. This was not a very easy step for me and one that I did not notice at first. I took all of the information that I had observed about my personality and one that I did not notice at first....
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