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PSY 265 Week 1 Assignment - The Sperm and Egg Amber Thacker...

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The Sperm and Egg Amber Thacker PSY/265 July 10, 2011 Colleen Donovan
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The Sperm and the Egg Without the sperm and the egg there would not be reproduction of any human kind. We would become old with nobody carrying on our genetic characteristics or even our name and die when the time is up; leaving nothing behind besides the ashes of our body. We would never understand that true love and bond a person has with their child. Fortunately, there is sexual arousal; there is the man and the woman meeting their desires and the wish to create a new life. Most likely, it starts with a look, a touch and a kiss and ends up with the wish of longing, of being together in the most intense way that a man and woman can ever be. Everything starts with the excitement, when the blood starts to flow to the lower part of the body and creates an erection of a man’s penis with blood entering the cylinders and help the penis to become stiffer. The penis is a long, smooth, hairless shaft that varies in size from man to man. The inner vaginal lips in a woman also become inflated with blood and the sphincters, round muscle, will tighten. The vulva also beings to swell and produces the lubrication. The skin of both parties might develop a reddish rush; both could begin to breathe harder and louder. The breasts in the woman most likely tighten, enlarge and the nipples will harden. In men, the scrotum that holds the testicles will start to swell, get closer to the body, the skin will develop a higher temperature, and the nipples become harder by becoming aroused. This is the beginning of men and women getting ready to have intercourse. This is the phase where the penis is going to enter the vagina (Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Navid, and Lois
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