Modern Challenges in Immigration

Modern Challenges - Part One Today I am Chinese and I live in Shanghai China Shanghai is the most populated city in China In China I sometimes get

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Part One Today I am Chinese and I live in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the most populated city in China. In China I sometimes get little respect for being a woman, and we also have less freedom here. I desperately want to relocate my family to the United States to give my family and myself a better life. As I look at what is necessary for me to do to move to America I have to admit that it is quite much, but it’s worth it. The application to apply for citizenship is seven pages worth of instructions, and the actual application is ten pages. And the fee just for filing the papers will be $680. I know that there are many forms involved, a finger printing process, and fees but the sacrifice is small compared to the life my family will have once we are in America. At least in America I can fight for what I want and how I should be treated. I know that things will not be perfect in America but I will have the option to build the life that I dream of. Part Two
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