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Discussion Forum 3 - I think a manager has four options in...

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I think a manager has four options in this case: a. Pay the “big man”. This is a slippery slope. You are now aiding the “big man”. I would think the police frown upon this, so you might get in some legal trouble. Once you pay the donation, the big man now has something on you. The big man may decide to up the “donation” amount at a later date. You may have to pay him to keep your donations from becoming public knowledge and hurting your business. b. Refuse to pay the “donation”. Now you are taking the risk of making the “big man” mad. Many businesses have been known to get robbed, burned, or have employees get hurt because they refused to pay the local thugs a “donation”. This may be a risk that isn’t worth taking. c. Inform the authorities. By informing the police of your dilemma, you may be able to get some
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