wk3-diversity-Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

wk3-diversity-Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination “The divide of race has been America's constant curse. Each new wave of immigrants gives new targets to old prejudices. Prejudice and contempt, cloaked in the pretense of religious or political conviction, are no different. They have nearly destroyed us in the past. They plague us still. They fuel the fanaticism of terror. They torment the lives of millions in fractured nations around the world. These obsessions cripple both those who are hated and, of course, those who hate, robbing both of what they might become” (thinkexist.com). These words, once stated by the 42nd president of the United States Bill Clinton, shine an interesting light on ideals of racism, discrimination, and prejudice. He states that the incriminating thoughts of racial accusations blatantly “cripple” Americans as a nation and as individuals. These theories can be proven back to the immigration of different ethnicities to America. Because of family tradition and my mother’s hobby of family genealogy, my family has been traced back to Germany during the 1600s. Germans and German Americans have experienced many ups and downs. Because of influences outside of their control, German Americans have been segregated, observed, and discriminated
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wk3-diversity-Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Ethnic...

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