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Unformatted text preview: title Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/15/11 Issue Clogged Networks {415D2DFB-0DD3-4DDC-BD68-B2273CC5FE8E} {0B86E9A8-83C4-4C22-B208-62482FD4FABC} Issue {5F042636-4C4E-4A56-8612-2164F5874B41} {B7F723DD-5F3A-40C7-B22F-EA2929B16223} Results {BF02FB8C-7AAB-4E19-A15F-20DF07BC0B97} Heavy Data Usage Quality of Wireless Service Reduced The 7/15/11 Data Usage Trend 7/15/11 7/15/11 Evolution of the Cell Phone 7/15/11 Technology & Society {88BCB476-B5BA-4A86-932A-F7B8B44CAFC6} Mainstream 7/15/11 {804B2FA6-C97C-4EEA-BDCD-10B70ADA59A2} {1BBF7D24-00CE-4F93-9C1C-EF2EEBEA4469} Society's Reliance Luxury Item on Technology Escalates The Impact of Technology in the Workplace Cell Phones in the Workplace {0BB57D49-43C1-4BE9-83E0-D75AD4EB7AD4} Available 7/15/11 {E054D7C7-025F-432D-A828-F0213A691A10} Accessible 7/15/11 New Plans Offered satisfy 98% ofof our customers modates 65%Data customers 2GB of our {A2221033-3970-43EE-A94E-B72A9325E439} {B43B6E0E-B5C1-408E-B80D-6FDD01CF1B64} DataPlus {CFCD446D-DEB3-4EDA-A57D-A727F7265A45} 200MB of Data 7/15/11 DataPro Executing the New Changes {5830F137-09CC-41B4-97E4-A034279588EC} {3329C46E-D3D6-4F04-A6AB-50D7C3AD0F80} {58485B46-C79A-4215-B352-E029B725226E} {8C9B9390-DFB6-44CB-9065-13D47FC279CF} Communication AnalysisCommunication with With Excellent Marketing & Employees Critical Thinking Customers 7/15/11 ...
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