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The normalization process can be a very timely and daunting task. Due to the amount of time it may  take to properly normalize data, many individuals may choose to not follow the process. What are the  ramifications of not normalizing data? Provide and example of what can happen if a database is not  properly normalized? To respond to the above activity, please click on the "New Post" link, enter a subject in the  "Subject" field, enter your response in the "Message" field, and click the "Post "  button. REMEMBER - Look at the Discussion Activity grading rubric. Normalization is the analytical process that is used to verify that entities, and the attributes that are assigned to those entities, follow certain design rules for relational databases. If normalization rules for a database design are not enforced, it can lead to data redundancy, which would affect the efficiency of the database. Data redundancy can
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Unformatted text preview: cause problems with adding new data, changing data, and deleting data from the database. When normalization rules are used, potential problems can be seen quickly and can be resolved before any actual data are entered into the database. The topic reading gives a very good example of why normalization is important. It gives an example that a business can use a mailing code instead of typing in the city name repeatedly. This reduces error and also saves time when entering new data. This would be especially important and useful for payroll. For example, if a company has all of its paychecks being sent from one location to all of their employees all round the country, it would be much easier to have mailing codes as opposed to entering city names for the sake of making sure there are no mistakes. In this instance, a mistake would be sending an employee's paycheck, or even paystub, to the wrong person....
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