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DA 06 - For example a user may run a query asking for a...

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Metadata and the Data Dictionary are vital to the success of a DBMS. Provide a scenario as to what  might happen to a database if metadata were not used or incorrectly used? Think about impact this  misuse would have on the end-user, the administrator, and the designer. Metadata, or data about data, is crucial to database management. Metadata is information about how data is extracted and how it can be transformed. If metadata were used incorrectly it could produce problems for all involved with the database.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, a user may run a query asking for a report between two dates. If the metadata was used incorrectly, the resulting report could be incorrect or inaccurate or even turn up blank. If the user pulling this report was not the same user that input the data, they will not know that the report is not correct. Therefore, they will be using invalid reports and perhaps distributing those reports to other users. This issue could produce a snowball affect depending on how the report is used and how many hands it passes through....
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