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If we look back over the history of desktop computing, we can see a move from the mainframe, to the  unconnected desktop, to networked computing environment, and now to massive web based database  access. Why has this happened and what are the roots of this migration back to the more connected  client server environment and remote database access? There are many reasons for the advancement from one technology to another, but the need for sharing and distributing information is probably the most obvious. The more information society gets, the more it wants. In the past, it was acceptable for the client to go to the data (whether it be in a mainframe, desktop etc). However, as the actual data became more readily available it also had to become available at more locations. The acceptance of being chained to the computer quickly diminished, mobility of data became necessary. As technology advances and we become even more connected, cloud computing will become more prevalent. What is cloud computing? The cloud concept is simple: It's a way to access your data
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DA 09 -...

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