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TA Ch2&9 - Chapter 2 Data Models 1 Discuss the...

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Chapter 2: Data Models 1. Discuss the importance of data modeling. They can facilitate interaction among the designer, the applications programmer, and the end user. They can improve understanding of the organization for which the database is designed. In essence, data models are communication tools. It helps business owners and workers understand how everything in their business works and fits together. 3. How do you translate business rules into data model components? Business rules provide proper identification of entities, attributes, relationships, and constraints of a database. Usually, a noun in a business rule will translate into an entity in the model and a verb associating with the noun will translate into a relationship among the entities. 15. What is a table, and what role does it play in the relational model? A table is a matrix composed of intersecting rows and columns. Tables play an important role in relational models because a table is how you view the information you
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TA Ch2&9 - Chapter 2 Data Models 1 Discuss the...

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