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Chapter 3: Establishing Communications Channels 1. What are some of the characteristics of connection-oriented networking?  In connection-oriented networking, the connection setup is performed before the information  transfer occurs. The path is conceived at the outset, and after the path is determined, all the  subsequent information follows the same path to the destination. There can be some delay up front  while the connection is being set up, but once the path is established, the delay is fixed and  predictable at intermediate nodes. This can operate in switching mode or provisioned mode. 2. What are some of the characteristics of connectionless networking and what kind of applications  can be adversely impacted when using this form of networking?  In connectionless networking, no explicit connection setup is performed before data is 
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Unformatted text preview: transmitted. Instead, each data packet is routed to its destination based on information contained in the header. There is no precomputed path. This needs the use of packet switching in order to work. There is a greater delay due to the time that is needed to make sure each packet is individually routed properly. 3. Describe the general characteristic of a "packet". What is it and what advantages does it have over the use of circuit switching? A packet is basically a container for bits. It is a store-and-forward mechanism for transmitting information. Its advantages are that, while is has an increased delay, it makes sure that each bit of information that was in that packet, reaches its overall destination individually....
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