Ch 8 RQ - Chapter 8 1 What is the primary purpose of IP as...

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Chapter 8 1. What is the primary purpose of IP as part of the TCP/IP protocol? Internet Protocol is the principal communications protocol used for relaying datagrams or packets across an internetwork using the Internet Protocol Suite. It is responsible for routing packets across network boundaries and it is the primary protocol that establishes the Internet. 2. Describe the format of the IP packet or datagram. The term 'datagram' or 'packet' is used to describe a chunk of IP data. Each IP datagram contains a specific set of fields in a specific order so that the reader knows how to decode and read the stream of data received. 3. Describe the functions that TCP covers. - Addressing/Multiplexing: TCP is used by many different applications for their transport protocol. An important job for TCP is multiplexing the data received from these different processes so they can be sent out using the underlying network-layer protocol. -Connection Establishment, Management and Termination: TCP provides a set of procedures that devices follow to negotiate and establish a TCP connection over which data can travel. Once opened, TCP includes logic for managing connections and handling problems that may result with them. When a device is done with a TCP connection, a special process is followed to terminate it. - Data Handling and Packaging: TCP defines a mechanism by which applications are able to send data to it from higher layers. This data is then packaged into messages to be sent to the destination software. The destination software unpackages the data and gives it to
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Ch 8 RQ - Chapter 8 1 What is the primary purpose of IP as...

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