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Please recall the 5 Steps of Communication in the reading. Also recall the discussion about OSI model  in the reading. Next go to the Internet (Wikipedia) and read about the TCP/IP model. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCP/IP_model   The main difference between the two models is the OSI  model has seven layers and TCP/IP model has only 4+ 1 (five) layers. The main idea behind the  layering is to clearly define steps that are part of communication. Also, watch the video "Warrior of the Internet".  Please answer the following questions. 1. Match each of the OSI layers to corresponding TCP/IP layer Application Layer -- Application Layer 
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Unformatted text preview: Presentation Layer -- Application Layer Session Layer -- Transport Layer Transport Layer -- Transport Layer Network Layer -- Internet Layer Data Link Layer -- Link Layer Physical Layer -- Link Layer 2. Now, please match each of the five steps of communication to different layers of the TCP/IP model. (Please remember more than one step can match to the same layer.) Sender has an idea -- Link Layer Sender encode idea in message -- Transport Layer Message travels over channel -- Internet Layer Receiver decodes message -- Application Layer Feedback travels to sender -- Application Layer...
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