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Your selection for a LAN must be driven by a number of factors that will cause you to the most  appropriate type for your needs. In the online material, we discussed these factors: bandwidth; cost  and ease of connectivity; noise and interference; network security. What are some other possible factors that may need to be considered? Think creatively as your LAN  may impact building, personnel, or other company/entities. Some other possible factors that may need to be considered are the size and age of your building and the availability of an IT staff. The size and age of the building you are working out of really matters. The size matters because the bigger the building, the more
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Unformatted text preview: wiring needed and labor incurred with installation, which can be a huge cost to the business. The age matters because if it is an older building and has been used before, then there could be existing wiring and other things in the walls already. This could either be a benefit or a downfall, depending on what you are needing for your business. If your business is small and doesn't necessarily require an IT staff, then when there is a problem you would have to hire a spet, whom you would have to pay, and that also may not always be available when it is convenient for you. These are some other things that need to be considered when choosing a LAN....
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