Speech3 - 6 The material for your visual aid should be...

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1. Visual aids, such as pie and bar charts, are effective because they give you a visual display of data. Pie charts show percentage relationships or proportions while bar graphs show the performance of one variable over time. 2. Visual aids, such as photographs and drawings, are effective because they can help generate a mood, clarify, or identify something. Photos and drawings can add interest to your presentation and provide greater reality. These things illustrate your speech. In the case of drawings, you should use a variety of dark, rich colors to add contrast to a drawing, and make sure the image is large enough to be seen. 3. Using PowerPoint as a visual aid is effective because it can strengthen or help communicate ideas. 4. Visual aids must be appropriate to the audience, occasion, location, and the content of your speech. 5. The visual materials that you use should be simple, precise, and clearly visible.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The material for your visual aid should be easily transportable, easy to setup and take away, easy to understand, and easy to grasp the concept. 7. If you are going to use equipment that you need to set up, you should rehearse and prepare your materials ahead of time. 8. If you use audiotape as your visual aid, cue the tap to the exact point at which you want it to begin, before you arrive so that there is no interruption in your presentation. 9. When using PowerPoint, make sure that the presentation doesn’t upstage the speaker and overpower the message. 10. PowerPoint presentations should not be used to cover up weak content or take the place of a speech instead of enhancing it. By limiting the number of slides you use and making sure you’re not reading word from word from your presentation, the slides will enhance, rather than overshadow the presentation....
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Speech3 - 6 The material for your visual aid should be...

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