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Check Point Communicating in Forums

Check Point Communicating in Forums - Friday night I...

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Friday night I watched my daughter’s basketball team play their first game. One of the other parents, Dawn, asked if I lived and worked in Washington. I said, “Yes, I live, work, and attend college here in Washington.” Dawn looked confused and asked me how I attend college in Washington, when there are no colleges. I laughed and explained, “I am a student at Axia College and my classes are entirely online. I attend class in my home, even in my pajamas if I want to.” Dawn looked astonished and eager to hear more. She asked if online classes provide the same quality of education as a traditional classroom. I explained, “Distance learning began back in the 1800’s; studies show that distance learners perform just as well as traditional classroom students.” I told Dawn, “I login to my classroom, which is a forum or discussion board, this is where my instructor and fellow classmates login to class also. Usually we are not online at the same time, but sometimes we are. We leave each
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