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CheckPoint Communicating in Forums

CheckPoint Communicating in Forums - managers are males By...

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Communicating in Forums Hi Anthony , When communicating in class forums, try to remember that your readers may include people from various backgrounds; therefore it is important to not exclude or demean any person or group on the basis of sex, race, age, disability, or cultural differences. Unless you wish to intentionally exclude or offend possible readers, you should use unbiased language and avoid stereotypical assumptions. It is best to avoid stereotyping a person or a group, even if you believe your generalization to be a positive one. A lot of writers have found that writing in the plural or recasting the sentence eliminates the unbiased language. For example, your post stated: “all the managers and their wives attended”; this statement is sex-role stereotyping that all
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Unformatted text preview: managers are males. By replacing the word wives with the word spouses, no assumptions would be made and your readers would not become offended. Another way to avoid using sexist language is to use wordy constructions like “he or she”. You can often avoid using gendered pronouns by making the subject plural: “I recommend that any one who wants to advance in the business world should seriously consider brushing up on their etiquette, just like I did.” By changing the words in your post from “man and his” to gender-neutral terms, you will not demean men or women. Anthony, I hope these suggestions can help you in your future posts....
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