Chapter 10 - 11 - Chapter 10 - An Introduction to Muscle...

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Chapter 10 - An Introduction to Muscle Tissue Muscle Tissue is a primary tissue type, divided into:  Skeletal Cardiac Smooth  muscle 1. Skeletal Muscles are attached to the skeletal system and allow us to move The muscular system includes only skeletal muscles Functions of Skeletal Muscles a. Produce skeletal movement b. Maintain body position c. Support soft tissues d. Guard openings e. Maintain body temperature f. Store nutrient reserves Skeletal Muscle Structures Muscle tissue (muscle cells or  fibers Organization of Connective Tissues - Muscles have three layers of connective tissues 0. Epimysium: exterior collagen layer connected to deep fascia; separates muscle from surrounding tissues 1. 2. myosatellite cells (stem cells) that repair damage Muscle attachments - attachment to bone matrix, i.e.,  tendon  (bundle) or  aponeurosis  (sheet) Nerves Blood Vessels - wastes Skeletal Muscle Fibers: myoblasts contain hundreds of nuclei  Internal Organization of Muscle Fibers Sarcolemma: cell membrane of a muscle fiber (cell) surrounds the   sarcoplasm   (cytoplasm of muscle fiber); a change in  transmembrane potential begins contractions Transverse tubules (T tubules) transmit   action potential simultaneously; have same properties as sarcolemma Myofibrils are lengthwise subdivisions within muscle fiber made up of bundles of protein filaments ( myofilaments ) -  Myofilaments are responsible for muscle contraction  Types of myofilaments: thin filaments thick filaments : made of the protein myosin Sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR): membranous   structure   surrounding   each   myofibril   that   helps   to   transmit   action potential  to myofibril; similar in structure to SER; forms chambers ( terminal cisternae ) attached to T tubules  Triad is formed by one  T tubule terminal cisternae ; Cisternae: concentrate Ca 2+ 2+  into  sarcomeres  to begin muscle contraction Sarcomeres - the contractile units of muscle; structural units of  
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Chapter 10 - 11 - Chapter 10 - An Introduction to Muscle...

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