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Exercise 3 - The Microscope

Exercise 3 - The Microscope - microscope slide e slide...

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EXERCISE 3 – MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVES 1. To identify the parts of the microscope and list the function of each. 2. To demonstrate proper techniques for care and operation of the microscope. 3. To define total magnification and resolution. 4. To demonstrate proper focusing technique. 5. To define parfocal, field, and depth of field . 6. To estimate the size of objects in a field. ACTIVITY 1: IDENTIFYING THE PARTS OF A MICROSCOPE Identify parts of the microscope as well as their functions Features of microscopes (e.g. working distance, resolution, magnification, etc.) Use of the microscope Determination of total magnification, depending on objective lens How to care for the microscope ACTIVITY 2: VIEWING OBJECTS THROUGH THE MICROSCOPE Describe how objects look in the field of vision and in what direction to move them.
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Unformatted text preview: microscope slide: e slide Definition of working distance ACTIVITY 3: ESTIMATING THE DIAMETER OF THE MICROSCOPIC FIELD Determine total magnification when focused using a particular objective lens. Determine the size of field of vision and estimate sizes of cells based on field of vision size microscope slide: grid slide ACTIVITY 4: PERCEIVING DEPTH microscope slide: colored crossed threads slide ACTIVITY 5: PREPARING & OBSERVING A WET MOUNT Wet mount of cheek cells: identification of the cells, nucleus THE WET MOUNTS (slides as well as cover slips) GO INTO THE BLEACH SOLUTION! 1 Richland College Biol. 2401 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition...
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