Exercise 4 - the cell anatomy & division

Exercise 4 - The Cell Anatomy & Division
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EXERCISE 4 – CELL STRUCTURES AND MITOSIS OBJECTIVES 1. To identify and give functions of cell structures using models. 2. To identify the following cellular regions and to list the major function of each: nucleus, cytoplasm, and plasma membrane. 3. To identify and list the major functions of the various organelles studied. 4. To compare the specified cells with the concept of the “generalized cell”. 5. To define interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis. 6. To list the stages of mitosis and describe the events of each stage. 7. To identify the mitotic phases on models and slides. 8. To explain the importance of mitotic cell division and its product. ACTIVITY 1-4: IDENTIFYING PARTS OF A CELL Models used for cell structures
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