Exercise 5A - Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability

Exercise 5A - Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability -...

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EXERCISE 5A – CELL TRANSPORT OBJECTIVES 1. To differentiate between active and passive processes of cellular transport. 2. To define diffusion (simple diffusion and osmosis); isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic solutions; active transport; vesicular transport; exocytosis; phagocytosis; and pinocytosis. 3. To describe the variables which affect transport of solutes and water, and explain the various tests which we set up in lab—dye in water, dialysis bags, etc. Know what reagents are used to test sugar, starch, salt (as well as + and – reactions). 4. To describe the effects of isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic solutions on human cells. 5. Understand the effects of molecular weight, temperature, solubility, and surface area of the diffusion membrane. ACTIVITY 3: DIFFUSION THROUGH NONLIVING MEMBRANES – DO THIS FIRST
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Unformatted text preview: Use 20% glucose rather than 40%. Add 10ml of solution to each dialysis bag rather than 20ml. ACTIVITY 1: DIFFUSION OF DYE THROUGH AGAR GEL DO THIS SECOND Place a single drop of each dye ON TOP of the agar rather than making a hole with a pipette. ACTIVITY 2: DIFFUSION OF DYE THROUGH A LIQUID DEMO ACTIVITY 4: OBSERVING OSMOMETER RESULTS ACTIVITY 5: DIFFUSION THROUGH LIVING MEMBRANES DEMO Observe what happens to red blood cells in solutions of varying tonicities. ACTIVITY 6: OBSERVING THE PROCESS OF FILTRATION ACTIVITY 7: PHAGOCYTOSIS ACTIVITY OPTIONAL video demonstration of phagocytosis in Amoeba EXTRA DEMONSTRATION: OBSERVING BROWNIAN MOVEMENT DEMO IMPORTANT! CLEAN UP ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS ON EACH TABLE ! 1 Richland College Biol. 2401 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition...
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