Exercise 8 - Classification of Membranes

Exercise 8 - Classification of Membranes - epithelial...

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EXERCISE 8 – CLASSIFICATION OF BODY MEMBRANES OBJECTIVES 1. To compare the structure and function of the 4 major membrane types, and name the tissue type comprising these membranes. 2. To list the function of each membrane type and indicate its location in the body. 3. To identify the mucous and cutaneous membrane through microscope inspection. NOTES: Epithelial Membranes - ID epithelium and connective tissue Cutaneous Membranes - slides of skin Mucous Membranes - slides of esophagus, intestines, trachea Serous Membranes - models Synovial Membranes (study in more detail during articulations) ACTIVITY 1: MICROSCOPIC STRUCTURE OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES ACTIVITY 2: MICROSCOPIC STRUCTURE OF SEROUS MEMBRANES Examine serous membrane structure on models (No microscopic slide) ACTIVITY 3: SYNOVIAL MEMBRANE - Optional QUESTIONS: 1. Give examples of organs whose mucous membranes are composed of the following
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Unformatted text preview: epithelial tissues. • simple squamous epithelium • simple cuboidal epithelium • simple columnar epithelium • stratified squamous (both keratinized and nonkeratinized) epithelium • pseduostratified ciliated columnar epithelium • transitional epithelium 2. The mucous membranes of the following organ systems can be composed of what specific kinds of tissues? • Respiratory System • Digestive System • Urinary System • Reproductive System 3. For serous membranes: (review EXERCISE 1) • the 2 layers in the pair • the cavities that they line • the specific names of the membranes in those locations 4. Can you identify these 4 kinds of membranes on/in organs of human torso models? 1 Richland College Biol. 2401 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition...
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