Exercise 20 - Spinal Cord & Spinal Nerves

Exercise 20 - Spinal Cord & Spinal Nerves -...

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EXERCISE 21 – SPINAL CORD AND SPINAL NERVES OBJECTIVES 1. To identify important anatomical areas of the spinal cord, and to name the neuron type found in these areas (where applicable). 2. To define the cauda equina and filum terminale . 3. To name the meningeal coverings of the spinal cord, and to state their function. 4. To describe the origin, fiber composition, and distribution of the spinal nerves, differentiating between roots, the spinal nerve proper, and rami, and to discuss the result of transecting these structures. 5. To identify the four nerve plexuses, the major nerves of each, and their distribution. SPINAL CORD ANATOMY: Meningeal coverings /spaces: dura mater arachnoid mater pia mater epidural space subarachnoid space filum terminale cauda equina gray vs. white matter gray commissure dorsal and ventral horns of gray matter dorsal and ventral roots dorsal root ganglia central canal anterior median fissure white columns (NO SPECIFICS on the white columns - e.g. anterior funiculi)
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Unformatted text preview: ACTIVITY 1: IDENTIFYING STRUCTURES OF THE SPINAL CORD Spinal cord cross-sectional model: parts Microscopic ID and differentiation: gray vs. white matter, roots, dorsal root ganglia, horns Nervous man models: spinal cord regions, plexuses, selected spinal nerves ACTIVITY 2: SPINAL CORD TRACTS AND DISSECTION ACTIVITY 3: IDENTIFYING THE NERVE PLEXUSES AND PERIPHERAL NERVES SPINAL NERVES : what areas innervated, area of spinal cord they arise from, the plexus, rami (dorsal vs. ventral) PLEXUSES: cervical plexus phrenic nerve brachial plexus median nerve ulnar nerve radial nerve thoracic nerves intercostal nerves lumbosacral plexus femoral nerve sciatic nerve ACTIVITY 4-6: AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM NOTE: Marieb lab book website, http://www.myaandp.com Practice Anatomy Lab (histology, cat dissection, human cadaver, etc.) 1 Richland College Biol. 2401 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition...
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