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Exercise 22 - Human Reflex Physiology

Exercise 22 - Human Reflex Physiology - reflex tests such...

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EXERCISE 22 – HUMAN REFLEX PHYSIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1. To define reflex and reflex arc . 2. To name, identify, and describe the function of each element of a reflex arc. 3. To indicate why reflex testing is an important part of every physical examination. 4. To describe and discuss several types of reflex activities; to indicate the importance of each; and to categorize each as a somatic or autonomic reflex action. NOTES: I. Components of a reflex arc: Sensory receptor Sensory neuron Integration center Motor neuron Effector Name and locate the above reflex arc components on models and diagrams. II. Types of reflexes: Somatic vs. Autonomic reflexes Cranial vs. Spinal reflexes Ipsilateral vs. Consensual reflexes Define and give examples of each type. III. Reflexes to do in lab: Be sure to follow directions in the lab text, answering the questions in book as you run the
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Unformatted text preview: reflex tests, such as, the purpose , how run , the stimulus , the normal response , the type , any significance or advantage of response, etc. For example, patellar reflex, NOTE: Do not need to know afferent, center, and efferent path. Name Stimulus Afferent Center Efferent Response Type Patellar R. (Knee-jerk) Tap on patellar tendon (Golgi tendon organs) Femoral N. L2-4 Femoral N. knee extension at the same side Somatic R. Spinal R. Ipsilateral R. ACTIVITY 1: STRETCH REFLEXES Patellar reflex and Achilles reflex ACTIVITY 3: PLANTAR REFLEX ACTIVITY 4: CORNEAL REFLEX ACTIVITY 5: GAG REFLEX ACTIVITY 6: PUPILLARY REFLEX ACTIVITY 7: CILIOSPINAL REFLEX 1 Richland College Biol. 2401 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition SKIP ACTIVITY 2, 8, 9, 10: • Crossed extensor reflex • Salivary reflex • Reaction time of reflexes...
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