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Exercise 23 - General Sensation

Exercise 23 - General Sensation - Richland College Biol...

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EXERCISE 23 – GENERAL SENSATION OBJECTIVES 1. To describe the function and location of various types of general sensory receptors. 2. To define exteroceptor, interoceptor, and proprioceptor . 3. To demonstrate the density and distribution of tactile and thermoreceptors in the skin. 4. To define adaptation and negative afterimage . 5. To define referred pain and projection . NOTES: I. Types of sensory receptors on the basis of location: exteroceptor/interoceptor/proprioceptor Define and give examples of each type. II. Types of general sensory receptors on the basis of stimulus: Tactile receptors (touch and pressure): hair root plexuses in skin Merkel disc in skin Meissner’s corpuscle in the skin Pacinian’s corpuscle in the skin Ruffini’s corpuscle in the skin Krause’s corpuscle in lips, tongue, and genitals Thermoreceptors (warm & cold receptors): free nerve endings in the skin Pain receptors free nerve endings in the body Proprioceptors (muscle length and tension)
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