Chapter 19 - Blood - Chapter 19 - Blood

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Chapter 19 - Blood Introduction to the Cardiovascular System - a circulating transport system 0. A pump (the heart) 1. A conducting system (blood vessels) 2. A fluid medium ( blood 0. Is specialized fluid of connective tissue 1. Contains cells suspended in a fluid matrix Purpose  - to transport materials to and from cells i. Oxygen and carbon dioxide ii. Nutrients iii. Hormones iv. Immune system components  v. Waste products Functions of Blood a. Transport of dissolved substances b. Regulation of pH and ions c. Restriction of fluid losses at injury sites d. Defense against toxins and pathogens e. Stabilization of body temperature Physical Characteristics of Blood Whole Blood i. ii. Formed elements -all cells and solids Three Types of Formed Elements i. Red blood cells   (RBCs)  or  erythrocytes - transport oxygen ii. White blood cells   (WBCs)  or  leukocytes - part of the immune system iii. Platelets - cell fragments involved in clotting Hemopoiesis: Fractionation: Three General Characteristics of Blood i. 38°C (100.4°F) is normal temperature ii. High viscosity iii. Slightly alkaline pH (7.35–7.45) Blood volume (liters) = 7% of body weight (kgs); adult  : 5 - 6 liters while adult  : 4 - 5 liters  Plasma: Extracellular fluids = Interstitial fluid (IF) & plasma; solutes   3. Levels of O 2  and CO 2 4. 5. Plasma proteins do not pass through capillary walls Plasma Proteins i. Albumins ii. Globulins proteins, metalloproteins, apolipoproteins ( lipoproteins iii. Fibrinogen  (4%): molecules that form clots and produce long, insoluble strands of fibrin Serum: liquid part of a blood sample in which dissolved fibrinogen has converted to solid fibrin Other Plasma Proteins: 1% of plasma 0. Origins of Plasma Proteins 90% + made in liver Antibodies made by plasma cells Peptide hormones made by endocrine organs Red Blood Cells (RBCs)  make up 99.9% of blood’s formed elements Hemoglobin 1
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Chapter 19 - Blood - Chapter 19 - Blood

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