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Exercise 32 - Anatomy of Blood Vessels

Exercise 32 - Anatomy of Blood Vessels - Richland College...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition EXERCISE 32 – ANATOMY OF BLOOD VESSELS OBJECTIVES 1. To describe the wall layers of the blood vessels, and the tissues comprising each layer. 2. To recognize a cross-sectional view of an artery and vein when seen in microscope or on model. 3. To identify major arteries and veins and the body region supplied or drained on human models. 4. To identify special features ---pulmonary, hepatic portal, fetal circulations, and Circle of Willis (brain). Note figures in exercise, particularly microscopy (and corresponding histology atlas color plates in lab book, as well as histology on the PhysioEx CD and online version). ACTIVITY 1: MICROSCOPIC STRUCTURE OF ARTERIES AND VEINS Differentiate between vein and artery: know wall layers and wall differences between the 2 vessels. You have a slide in your slide box of artery/vein. There is also a model for the blood vessel types and structures.
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