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Exercise 33A - Cardiovascular Physiology

Exercise 33A - Cardiovascular Physiology - ACTIVITY 3...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 th Edition EXERCISE 33A – CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1. To describe events occurring during the cardiac cycle 2. To use the stethoscope to auscultate heart sounds (including placement of bell for detection of the 4 valve sounds), and to relate them to events occurring during the cardiac cycle. 3. To determine pulse using a variety of pulse arteries. 4. To differentiate between apical pulse and radial pulse. 5. To accurately determine blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer, as well as understanding the events and Korotkoff sounds occurring during blood pressure measurement. 6. To differentiate between palpation and auscultation. ACTIVITY 1: AUSCULATING HEART SOUNDS identification of normal heart sounds, and correct placement of the stethoscope bell reason for placement of the stethoscope in certain chest locations ACTIVITY 2: PALPATING PULSE POINTS identify pulse points and arteries used SKIP
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Unformatted text preview: ACTIVITY 3: BIOPAC ACTIVITY 4: APICAL PULSE differentiate between apical heart rate and radial pulse rate ACTIVITY 5: USE OF SPHYGMOMANOMETER TO MEASURE BP explanation of blood pressure measurement—systolic vs. diastolic pressures How the measurement is taken ACTIVITY 6: ESTIMATING VENOUS PRESSURE ACTIVITY 7: EFFECT OF FACTORS ON BP AND HEART RATE effects of exercise and cold on blood pressure SKIP ACTIVITY 8: THE EFFECT OF CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL FACTORS ON SKIN COLOR ADDED ACTIVITY: demonstrate use of the Doppler flow detector Compare sounds of artery and vein NOTE: Interactive Physiology CD or access to www.interactivephysiology.com INTERACTIVE PHYSIOLOGY CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM – Excellent review! Excellent physiology: the conduction system, blood pressure, cardiac cycle, and ECG. Marieb lab book website, http://www.myaandp.com Practice Anatomy Lab (histology, cat dissection, human cadaver, models) Lab Videos – Cardiovascular Physiology (ECG)...
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