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Exercise 35 - Lymphatic System

Exercise 35 - Lymphatic System - locations of the 2 major...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition EXERCISE 35 – LYMPHATIC SYSTEM OBJECTIVES To name and locate the components of the lymphatic system on a human model. To locate the thymus and spleen on the cat. Note figures in exercise, particularly microscopy (and corresponding histology atlas color plates in lab book, as well as histology on the PhysioEx CD). ACTIVITY 1: IDENTIFYING ORGANS OF THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Models (variety of models with lymph nodes and other lymphatic organs) and pictures Of great importance: organs of the lymphatic system locations of cervical, inguinal, axillary, abdominal, and thoracic lymph nodes
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Unformatted text preview: locations of the 2 major lymphatic vessels and the cisterna chyli CAT: Refer to dissection exercise #5 at end of lab book, p. 741. spleen thymus ACTIVITY 2: ANATOMY OF THE SPLEEN & LYMPH NODE HISTOLOGY: lymph node and/or spleen lymph vessel (note valve) Do NOT get into the structural details of the lymph nodes or spleen. STOP on p. 527 DO NOT GET INTO IMMUNE RESPONSE SKIP Immune response (Immune response will be covered in lecture only) SKIP Antibody tests SKIP ACTIVITY3: Ouchterlony technique...
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