Exercise 36 - Respiratory Anatomy

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Richland College Biol. 2402 th Edition EXERCISE 36 – RESPIRATORY ANATOMY OBJECTIVES 1. To describe the processes that occur during respiration (pulmonary ventilation, external vs. internal respiration). 2. To locate the structures and organs of respiratory system in both human models and the cat. 3. To describe and identify the majors tissues found within the respiratory organs---simple squamous epithelium and pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium---and give example locations. 4. To identify common respiratory system disorders (in microscope also). Note figures in exercise, particularly microscopy (and corresponding histology atlas color plates in lab book, as well as histology on the PhysioEx CD). ACTIVITY 1: IDENTIFYING RESPIRATORY SYSTEM ORGANS on models Here are key figures: KNOW STRUCTURES IF IT DOES NOT SPECIFICALLY SAY TO SKIP them. MODELS - upper respiratory structures: fig. 36.1A - SKIP fauces, meatuses fig. 36.2 - SKIP cartilages except for
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