Exercise 37A - Respiratory Physiology

Exercise 37A - Respiratory Physiology - Richland College...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 th Edition EXERCISE 37A – RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY OBJECTIVES 1. To define the various capacities and volumes used in spirometry. 2. To use a dry spirometer and understand which spirometry values can be determined. 3. To correlate the bell bar model with the lungs, and to understand the simulation of inspiration and expiration. 4. To locate the skeletal muscles involved in normal breathing and how their contraction/relaxation changes the rib cage size. 5. To describe how changes in carbon dioxide affect your breathing rate and your ability to hold the breath. 6. To explain the relationship between carbon dioxide and carbonic acid, and to describe how one can qualitate exhaled carbon dioxide in a solution. ACTIVITY 1: OPERATING THE MODEL LUNG Use of the balloon-bell jar to illustrate expiration and inspiration Understand the parts of the body that correspond to parts on the bell jar model. ACTIVITY 2: RESPIRATORY SOUNDS normal sounds ACTIVITY 3: MEASURING RESPIRATORY VOLUMES - Procedure A only use of DRY spirometer (nonrecording spirometer) in determining: tidal volume (average of 3 breaths) expiratory reserve volume vital capacity (NOTE: charts on predicted vital capacities for male/female) Mathematically determine inspiratory reserve volume by formula, knowing above values. SKIP the section on the Recording (wet) Spirometer. INSTEAD, we will use the DIGITAL RECORDING SPIROMETER to demonstrate various spirometry volumes.
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Exercise 37A - Respiratory Physiology - Richland College...

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