Exercise 41A - Urinalysis

Exercise 41A - Urinalysis - glucose urobilinogen ketones...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 th Edition EXERCISE 41A – URINALYSIS OBJECTIVES To list the physical characteristics of normal urine—color, specific gravity, pH. To list substances found in normal urine and substances not normally found in urine. To describe common conditions associated with glycosurian, proteinuria, ketonuria, hematuria, high bilirubins in urine, casts, and white blood cells in urine. To run certain urinalysis tests, understand the purpose of each, the materials required, and a summary of the procedure. ACTIVITY 1: ANALYSIS OF URINARY COMPONENTS tests are run on unknown urine and students’ urine PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: color, transparency, pH INORGANIC CONSTITUENTS: sulfates, phosphates, chlorides ORGANIC CONSTITUENTS: urea protein/albumin
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Unformatted text preview: glucose urobilinogen ketones blood/hemoglobin bile pigments/bilirubin WBCs and nitrates (related to UTIs) refractometer used for specific gravity (directions on the tables) pH paper MULTISTIX: glucose, albumin, bilirubin, urobiliogen, blood, ketones , pH, nitrates, WBCs ACTIVITY 2: ANALYSIS OF URINARY SEDIMENT run on students’ urine ONLY, not unknown urine 1. centrifuge 10ml urine in a centrifuge tube 2. dump supernatant down the drain (run water down sink afterwards) 3. keep the sediment---make a wet mount with a drop of methylene blue microscope (10X and 40X lenses) 4. LOOK FOR: casts epithelial cells from kidney tubules crystals WBCs NOTE: to those who have the interactive Physiology CD INTERACTIVE PHYSIOLOGY URINARY SYSTEM RECORD YOUR DATA ON THE CHART WITHIN YOUR LAB BOOK!...
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