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Exercise 44 - Embryonic Development

Exercise 44 - Embryonic Development - fertilized egg stages...

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Richland College Biol. 2402 Marieb A&P Lab Manual - 9 th Edition EXERCISE 44 – EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 1. To define key terms used in fertilization, embryonic development, and fetal development. 2. To identify the fertilized egg stages that begin with the zygote and go through cleavage and gastrulation, and describing their locations within the female reproductive system. 3. To identify the structures of the blastula. 4. To identify the 4 embryonic membranes. 5. To identify the uterine layers involved in implantation. 6. To identify the 3 germ layers, when they occur, and some example of tissues that arise from each. 7. To describe the anatomy of the placenta, both fetal and maternal tissues involved. ACTIVITY 1: STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT cleavage/embryonic stages (1 cell stage up through gastrula) stages of the zygote HISTOLOGY : starfish embryo stages identify 1-celled zygote, 2-celled, 4-cells, morula, blastula, gastrula identification of cleavage stages in models
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Unformatted text preview: fertilized egg stages correlated with where they are in the female reproductive system fetal models and diagrams: fetal membranes (and what they become) the 3 germ layers and what tissues/organs are derived from them models of embryo in uterus: amnion, placenta model of newborn: umbilical arteries and vein, foramen ovale, placenta see. exercise 32 for diagram of fetus and newborn circulation ACTIVITY 2: STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT Various models of cleavage model of pregnant women with embryo identify parts of female reproductive organs, amnion, umbilical cord various embryos in uterus in different time stages ACTIVITY 3: FETAL STRUCTURES DEMO: pig uterus, if available model of pregnant women with embryo models of human fetus - identify amnion, umbilical cord ACTIVITY 4: PLACENTAL STRUCTURE fetal models and diagrams (NO microscopy): placenta structure (chorionic villi of embryo and decidua basalis of endometrium) SKIP HISTOLOGYof placenta...
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