LAB_9_REPRODUCTIVE_SYSTEM - Reproductive system Charles...

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Reproductive system Charles Darwin once said that only the species that are fittest can survive the nature resulting into a natural selection. He further defined fitness as an ability to produce off springs. Over the evolutionary time period whenever, the environment changes and in this changed environment those species that can not produce off springs become extinct. Many systems in our body help maintain the homeostasis so that our body can grow and reach puberty. This is the time when male produces sperm and a female produces egg. The union of sperm and egg results into fertilization which gives rise to a new off spring. In this lab you will study the main reproductive organs the testes and ovary and how do they produce sperms and eggs. You would also study other associated structures which help carry the sperms safely to the awaiting egg inside the female uterine tubes . You would learn about various reproductive glands which secrete hormones to develop and maintain the secondary sex characteristics and sex organs.
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LAB_9_REPRODUCTIVE_SYSTEM - Reproductive system Charles...

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