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Challenge of Change outline (pt. 1)

Challenge of Change outline (pt. 1) - A Shift from rural to...

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The Challenge of Change I. The central principles of the founding: A) Create a “good society” that benefits all B) Implement ideals of the Dec. of Independence C) Design govt to maximize individual freedom, minimize tyranny and anarchy D) Develop a political economy that provides individual opportunity and general prosperity E) Establish justice II. Jefferson’s World vs Hamilton’s World
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Unformatted text preview: A. Shift from rural to urban by 1920 B. American industrialization III. Market Weaknesses in a Changing World A. Imperfect Information B. Externalities C. Public Goods D. Monopoly Power E. Economic Instability F. Economic Injustice IV. The Rich A. System greases the skids 1. No income tax 2. Pro-business supreme court B. Robber Barons V. And the Poor A. Immigration...
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