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English Sources outline (pt. 1)

English Sources outline (pt. 1) - 5 Organization of the...

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English Sources of American Government Day 1 I. The Enlightenment-Era Shift to Individual Freedom A. Historical Background 1. Stuart monarchs: autocratic view of govt. a. Divine right of kings 2. Parliament vs Crown a. Taxation w/o representation b. Religious conflict—fears of Catholicism 3. Execution of King, establishment of Commonwealth under Lord Protector (Oliver Cromwell) 4. Restoration
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Organization of the Whig party II. John Locke’s Second treatise of Govt.: direct influence on founders A. Problem: Determine what gives legitimacy to a ruler if Divine Right does not B. Historical Context: 1. “Popish plot,” 1678 2. Exclusion Crisis, 1679 3. James II assumes throne, 1685 4. The Glorious Revolution, 1688 a. Parliamentary supremacy: the “Declaration of Rights”...
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