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Power and Freedom outline (pt. 2)

Power and Freedom outline (pt. 2) - C Lineage(aristocracy D...

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American Heritage 100 Fall 2006 Power and Freedom, Day 2 I. Ancient Greece A. Athenian democracy B. The Evils of democracy II. Characteristics of the Good Society A. Prosperity B. Widespread political participation C. Great creativity III. Establishing political legitimacy A. Approval of the Gods (Divine Right of Kings) B. Religious authority (theocracy)
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Unformatted text preview: C. Lineage (aristocracy) D. Intelligence or wisdom (meritocracy) E. History F. Consent (democracy) 1. Source of legitimacy in Locke’s and Rousseau’s models IV. Four alternative styles of government A. Autocracy B. Classical Republicanism C. Libertarianism D. Liberalism V. The Founders’ Tool Kit...
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