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ART 1012 Art History Survey II Spring 2007 Section JL24 Professor Maciuika September 3, 2009 Study Aid 1: The Terms of Art History Reading : Stokstad, 3 rd ed., “Starter Kit” For next class lecture: Stokstad, Ch. 12, “Early Renaissance Art,” The following are important terms used in art history: Form – refers to purely visual aspects of art and architecture, including elements such as line and shape. Color – the particular hue something has as a result of reflecting differing wavelengths of light from the visible spectrum. Hue refers to “what color something is;” “Value” is how light or dark something is (dark green has a deeper value than light green, for example); “Saturation” or “Intensity” is how bright or dull a color is. Saturated colors are vivid and pure, while low saturation looks muddy or dark. Texture – another attribute of form that refers to the tactile quality of a surface, or how it feels to the touch (rough, smooth, polished, grainy, etc.). Space – typically what contains objects in three dimensions, as in sculpture or architecture. In two dimensions space is
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