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ART 1012 Art History Survey II Fall 2009 – Section KM 24 Professor Maciuika Study Aid 3: The High Renaissance Terms to remember: “ Renaissance :” The historian Jacob Burckhardt coined the term “Renaissance,” meaning “rebirth,” in his 1860 book, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy . Secularization – the gradual shift from a religious world view to one that is more human-centered. The Renaissance displays a greater awareness of “historical time.” That is, the awareness of one’s own period as different from those in the past – this is a product of the Renaissance outlook on the world. You can think of this as historical “perspective,” which is a visual counterpart to visual perspective (also invented at this time). “The discovery of historical perspective was, with respect to time, what the discovery of optic perspective in Renaissance painting was with respect to space: the capacity to realize the distance of the objects from each other and from the viewer and
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