05 Neoclassical Romantic

05 Neoclassical Romantic - ART 1012 Art History Survey II...

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ART 1012 Art History Survey II Fall 2009 Professor Maciuika Study Aid 5: The Neoclassical and Romantic Eras Neoclassicism (mid-18 th to mid-19 th century) – rediscovery and broad reinterpretation of the classical past; an international movement that did not begin in a single building or in a single place, as had happened with Florence and the Renaissance. Neoclassicism represents a “state of mind” more than a particular style, with four main components: 1. Reconsideration : The past is regarded as an available catalogue of art and architecture, an “open book,” and architects interpret the spirit, not the letter, of antiquity. 2. Purification : Classical past is the basis of good architecture, the source of basic principles. There is a desire to strip away illusion (this is an anti-baroque sentiment – can you see why?), strip away ambiguity and overt complexity. 3. Rationalization : Sense of structural rationalism, of functionality, as worthiest goals of building. 4. Education : The architect’s “duty” as an educated person and citizen to improve and educate humanity. Architecture is imbued with various didactic symbols and references to the past or to “eternal” values such as learning, justice, etc. {TRY remembering all four of these using the acronym
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05 Neoclassical Romantic - ART 1012 Art History Survey II...

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