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ART 1012 Art History Survey II Professor John Maciuika Study Aid 11: Modern Art, Architecture, and Design Since 1945 The theme of originality in modern art and architecture remains present throughout the 20 th century, but it appears in an almost endless variety of forms. Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, or Le Corbusier (after 1920), was an architect and artist of great talent raised in Switzerland and spending most of his career in Paris. Although also a craftsman and a painter, he is best remembered for a lifetime of efforts in architecture. Three highlights: Example: Le Corbusier, Still Life , Paris, 1920.“Purism” – the refinement of objects in the industrial world to the point where they become art in themselves. Purism : the celebration of abstraction in painting, featuring “classic” older crafted forms that have “survived” due to their quality, combined with industrial forms as parts of a new visual “language” of modern life. Le Corbusier,
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