Reading and Writing Development

Reading and Writing Development - Assignment: Reading and...

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Assignment: Reading and Writing Development By: Patricia Knapp Axia Online College 07/09/2011 Think about the things you would expect in the classrooms of the different age groups and what would be expected from each age group in their reading and writing development. Then think of how you might decide on which reading and writing activities you would select for the different age groups. Then decide how you will strengthen the student’s reading and writing skills in each developmental stage. I thought about which age groups would interest me the most and this is what I decided upon and why. First I decided on the early childhood group which includes children ages 2-6, then the second group I chose was the middle childhood group and these children include ages from 6-10. The reason I chose these two different groups is because they show a lot of development both physically and mentally in the classroom. I myself think that these are the most crucial years for learning and development for children that are going to into school, or starting school. A lot of what the child learns and retains is not only to do with what the child will learn at school at this age, but also what their parents teach them at home to help them learn. Both the teacher and the parents can have a positive or a negative impact on the child’s development. When the child is in the early childhood stage they are just learning to do new things including to make sounds, expressions and to do other things that they see other people doing around them. As the child begins to progress in this age group they will begin to speak clearer and form words, they also begin to understand the meanings. The child will start wanting to do things like learn, like to color, create things,
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Reading and Writing Development - Assignment: Reading and...

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