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Unformatted text preview: 36-226 Summer 2010Homework 8Due July 281. To get their names on the ballot, political candidates must often produce petitions bearingthe signatures of a minimum number of registered voters. Suppose a specific municipalityrequires 18,500 such signatures. A political candidate retuned a petition with 19,850 names onit. To verify that the names were those of actual registered voters, elections officials randomlysampled 100 of the names and checked each for authenticity. Based on this sample, we needto conclude if more than 18,500 of the 19,850 signatures are valid.(a) Which null and alternative hypotheses would you use to answer this question?Hint:Think carefully about the parameter you want to test.(b) Describe (dont calculate anything) Type I error and Type II error in the context of thisproblem.(c) What would the rejection region be for a test of size= 0.05? You may use resultsproved in class, but be sure to justify any claim you make....
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