AWO 35 QUANTITIES - 524 SF Blockouts and Bulk Heads 825 SF...

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AWO 35 QUANTITIES Description S3II - 2/10/2011 MTACC Agreed Quanity Unit Quanity Unit Quanity Unit AWO #35 Conduit Chase (Series 21) Concrete 72 CY Mud Slab 0 CY Rebar 86,614 LBS Waterproofing 691 SF Waterstop 146 LF Couplers 418 EA Slab Bottom Forms 220 SF Inside Wall Forms
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Unformatted text preview: 524 SF Blockouts and Bulk Heads 825 SF (Credit) Steel Ribs 6 EA (W 12 x 106) 41,340 LBS Note: Quantity take offs per series 21 Revised Drawings, per MTA letter: MTA-S3II-L-02011...
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