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MEETING NOTES DEEP ROCK TUNNEL PROJECT INFORMATION PRESENTATION MARCH 22, 2011 1. This was an information only, non-binding meeting to provide general project information on the first of several projects to be bid for the entire Indianapolis CSO project. The meeting was held at the City County Building and was presented by John Morgan, Assistant Administrator – Tunneling/ Department of Public Works. [email protected] ; phone #317-327-8053, fax # 317-327- 4965. 2. The Deep Rock Tunnel was the primary discussion topic which will have a mandatory pre-bid meeting in late April/Early May and is tentatively schedule to bid on July 12, 2011. The preliminary estimate for the DRT is $250 to $300 million. The notice to proceed will follow within 60 days of the bid date. Substantial completion is 5/31/2017; final completion is 8/31/2017. An interim turn over date to the follow on contractor for the pump station work at the launch shaft is 5/31/2017. 3. The Deep Rock Tunnel Project consists of 40,000 LF x 18’ ID finish tunnel, with 12” thick minimum lining; excavated in Vernon Fork Limestone and Geneva Dolomite. The work also includes an additional 2300 LF x 18’ ID Pleasant Run Connector Tunnel. Shafts associated with the DRT are as follows: 30’ Fin ID launch shaft, 250’deep with 100’ overbreak. The launch shaft work is located in an existing field on county land East of the existing Southport Waste Water Treatment facility. 30’ Fin ID retrieval shaft, approximate 250’ deep located in an industrial area off of Bluff Road near the White River. Three (3) each utility shafts, (for system maintenance) all located along South
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