GLY 150, Homework#1

GLY 150, Homework#1 - Give an example of how politics...

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GLY 150, Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Evening Class, Spring 2011 Homework #1 (20 points) Name ______________________ Due: January 27, 2010 Only hand in a paper copy and place it in your assignment folder. No emails or CDs. DON'T COPY YOUR ANSWERS FROM OTHER STUDENTS. ANSWER ALL OF THE QUESTIONS IN YOUR OWN WORDS. MAKE SURE TO PRINT OFF ALL PAGES OF THIS ASSIGNMENT. 1. Give an example of how you would use the Method of the Multiple Working Hypotheses to solve a mystery in your daily life. Don't use the examples given in class and don't give any other example that involves finding a missing object. Use your imagination. Also answer the following questions: Would you expect just one solution? Would you even expect any solutions? (5 points) PAGE 1 OF 3
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Unformatted text preview: Give an example of how politics, religion and/or science may interfere with each other. Don't use the examples that were mentioned in class. Discuss the interferences and how they could be avoided. (5 points) 3. Answer the following questions about the following isotope: (5 points) 77 34 Se +4 What element is this? Selenium How many protons are in this isotope? What is the mass number? 34 How many neutrons are in the isotope? How many electrons are in the isotope? PAGE 2 OF 3 4. Indicate whether each of the following materials is a mineral or not as geologists define the term. If the material is NOT a mineral, give ONE reason why it is not. (5 points) Window glass Volcanic glass Snow Granite (a rock) Plastic bottle PAGE 3 OF 3...
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GLY 150, Homework#1 - Give an example of how politics...

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