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HIS 541 STudy Guide

HIS 541 STudy Guide - Chapter 26 From the Popular Front to...

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Chapter 26: From the Popular Front to the War Analyze 2 perspectives in France 1930s to WWII The Crisis of Februrary 6, 1934. In the beginning of 1931, the Great Depression had hit France. The French Great Depression was most economically depressing for technological stores and businesses. For Example, the automobile manufacturer Citroen declared bankruptcy. The unstable Third Republic also provoked a wave of critic by the far-right exploiting the public frustration with the government’s inability to end the economic downturn. The scandal that started it all was over the death of Stavisky’s lawyer. Stavisky was a financial swindler who used his political connections to take control of the governmental bank and issued millions of francs to his name. The right wing suggested Stavisky had been killed to avoid secrets of the Chautemps government. By the end of January 1934, the Chautemps government had fell.
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