Lecture week 2

Lecture week 2 - - Selective attention (attending only to...

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Lecture week 2 Stress Ability resilience - Commitment (to the establishment of purpose in their work and personal life) - control (a feeling of being in control of their life rather than as a victim of circumstance) - Challenge (not being threatened by change or adversity but seeing them as an opportunity for growth) Stress and Health Physical change -raised blood pressure -increased heart rate -hormone levels Prolonged stress -unable to sleep -immune system -more prone to diseases and heart problems -could cause post-traumatic stress disorder Perception Three major factors impact whether or not we attend to some stimuli
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Unformatted text preview: - Selective attention (attending only to sensory information deemed important and ignoring everything else)- feature detectors (specialized cells in the brain that only respond to certain information from the senses)- Habituation (the brain's tendency to ignore information that remains constant) Sensory information-form-consistency Depth Color Two types of sensory Vestibular (sense of balance and movement in space) Proprioceptive (sense of the position of our limbs in space)...
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Lecture week 2 - - Selective attention (attending only to...

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